Loric Demander is an independent filmmaker and photographer based in Graz and Vienna. He works on projects ranging from image and event videos to short films and music videos. Although he often accompanies film projects in the camera and editing departments, he also solo-produces projects for brands and creators.

He has been active in film and photography since 2015. In 2018 he made his first experiences on a professional film set with director Jakob M. Erwa. In 2020, he co-wrote and directed the viral satire videos “Homestory: Basti“ and “Kochen mit Basti“. The project was featured by the late-night talk show “Willkommen Österreich“. In the same year, his short film "Modern Worries" was awarded in Vienna at Video&Filmtage and Media Literacy Award. In 2021 he was part of the Diagonale-youth-jury. In recent years his works were featured at multiple art exhibitions in Graz.

„Irony and wit seem to be in the young filmmaker's blood, so we can't wait to see what else is in store - we're certainly looking forward to more strokes of genius from this all-round talent!“

Media Literacy Award, 2020

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